Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flowers and Juicy Lemons

Just wanted to share two fabric designs that I am going to be making different pillow covers from. Beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabric and Alexander Henry Juicy Lemon fabric.

I only have a small amount of each at the moment. I always seem to work on a small scale at first but I like to see how things go before getting big scale! For instance, if I make these and list them and they sell relatively fast, I will know to buy more! If they sit for awhile, maybe I won't need to buy as much so soon. I love so many different fabrics and next week will get some at IKEA, wahoooo.

Today these are things I want to do, Etsy related:
  • Make a couple jewelry pieces to update coffeeandcream. I bought some new beads and charms that I think are very fun. I bought some lovely little tea/coffee cup charms in brass.
  • Make at least two pillow covers, and a small pillow
The rest of my day should be spent hanging out with my family, a little cleaning, getting groceries, and such. Kind of looks like a long list to me! Hmmm...


victoria kloch said...

What a lovely blog this is! As I am drinking my third cup of coffee. I find this reading most enjoyable. Cheers!

Christina said...

Thank you so much Victoria! Cheers! :)

Angela said...

Those are great fabrics!! I love the lemons!

considerthelillies said...

beautiful fabric and I saw your pillow on etsy! love it love it love it!