Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting ideas out of my head and onto to the table

I have a new poll here on my blog, over there on the right! I'd really appreciate if people could give me some input by taking the poll and if you have any comments, feel free to leave them here. I also wanted to say that I am so happy everytime a new person decides to follow this blog. Thank you so much!

It can take me a long time, sometimes, to get the many ideas I have to turn into real, started projects. One reason is because I am a mom with a 15 month old son, and while I can think about projects while I am taking care of him, I can't always sit down and actually start them. I need to get a better schedule going during the week for me and Kavi. I need to maybe set aside certain times for making things and then try to not worry about it the rest of the time. Right now, my mind can go crazy at times with the thinking part and then not being able to accomplish a lot of it. It gets frustrating.

I have a lot of pillow ideas-for appliqued pillows and pillow covers(which I haven't really tried making for selling yet and I want to).

I also am planning to open a second Etsy shop, even though I think I am a little crazy for wanting to have two shops to keep up with right now. But I am going to be moving my pillows and sewing projects over to my new name Right now it's just an ID, not made into a store yet. But I will be doing that soon. That is another reason for my pillow sale on etsy right now. In the new store I hope to sell a variety of pillow covers along with the small pillows I make. Possibly tote bags too, we will see.


Two Happy Stampers said...

Sounds interesting... hope you find the right balance between life and ideas... I know how that is. Sometimes I feel like I've found it and then somehow I end up on on end and mess up the balance! LOL! =)

Nancy (Jesse and Sophia's grandma) said...

Stina I think it is a great idea opening a second shop with strictly sewing projects. I love all your pillows and having seen them first hand I can tell everyone how well made they really are. I know any sewing project that you attempt will be well thought out and executed because of your attention to detail.

Christina said...

Thanks Nancy!

Vanessa said...

Oooh an old singer applique on a pillow would be adorable! I love that kinda stuff

Christina said...

Vanessa, that would be adorable!