Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Tree Pillow

I made this pillow a couple weeks ago and it has gotten a lot of positive feedback. It is my most viewed item in my shop. At the end of October, one night it suddenly got a couple hundred views. It went from maybe 70 views to around 300 over night. I was shocked! I still don't know why that happened. But also a lot of people marked it as a favorite item that night(now 17 people so far marked it).

I am guessing people spending less money these days would be a reason why no one has actually bought it yet, even though it is a very affordable price for a hand appliqued pillow. I drew the tree and bird onto felt, cut it out, and sewed it onto the fabric. I got inspiration for the design from a candle holder I have.

I hope it sells or something sells!! I'd love to make a few bucks.

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