Sunday, November 9, 2008


...with all the pillows shown in progress Friday night. I finished them up last night and they are all listed now. One is already gone, in a trade! I traded for some cute artwork and I don't want to write too many details since it's a Christmas present for someone who might stumble upon this blog at some point!! :)

I am going to post some of my favorites on etsy right now. So in a way, I am promoting other shops at the moment. But I really love these items.

Windy on the Coast - Print $15

I just find the work the artist did with paper to be amazing.

Adorable passport cover - $8.50

Beautiful tree earrings - $6.25

Bird in a Tree necklace - $10, from my mom's shop!

Lucy on a Windy Day art print - $18

Tangerine blossom earrings - $7

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