Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More spur of the moment projects

I didn't have any new pillow ideas until last night all of the sudden. I wanted to use some soft flannel to make small pillows. A bird, a whale, and a square with a cute yellow balloon button. They turned out cute! I am going to list them today on etsy. I really hope I can make more sales soon. Mostly I've had trades and people I know buy from me. I am still waiting for the first totally random sale. I have to be patient.

Thanks for all the visitors to this blog!! I'd eventually like to get a blogroll going of fellow etsy people. I am not a total blog newbie. I have another blog about my family and life in general, but made this one to deal more with the crafting side of life. You can find the other blog by going to the "about me" section.

1 comment:

demandablog said...

Your little whale is cute. :D