Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was really excited last night because I made my first completely random sale on Etsy!! I had shown 9 sales before that, but it was trades and from family or friends. It had not yet been someone who just browsed my shop and bought. It encouraged me to keep creating! I hope to make more pillows soon, but I am needing some new fabric choices. This is what I sold:

The fabric I have been using, most of it I have had for awhile left over from projects around the house. I made the curtains in our living room a couple years ago, and I had a lot of that fabric left and thankfully it's still in style so I am able to make pillows from that. But I want some new color choices for fabric, I have a lot of just the same color family right now.

My mother also sold an item yesterday. Her sale was earlier and I was a little jealous, hehehe, but then I got a sale too!! Wahooo!

Christmas is getting closer!! I want to make a Christmas gift guide on here.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog so far!!


Christie Cottage said...

It's always exciting to get a sale on etsy! They seem slower than ever right now due to the economy.

That's a cute pillow!

ReeesaT said...

Congratulations! :) Great pillows, btw.