Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

I have made a few more trades on etsy, for things I love and think the people I am shopping for will love. There are a lot of women in my life. There's my mom, my sister, a good friend who is just like a sister, a close female cousin, and lots of other lovely gals I call friend. So I am usually looking for girly items. I am sorry for the lack of manly items. :P I will try to find some of those too! I will also do a baby gift idea post soon too.

These are items I have found on etsy, and if I could, would buy all of these for people for Christmas! You can maybe tell that I love the vintage look right now in jewelry. (Pictures removed so that blog doesn't take so long to load!)

Adorable bird necklace $9
From: ohhellofriend, great shop!!!

Lovely wooden box $10
From: LazyLightningArt

Postcard set $10
From: carambatack,
very interesting artwork

Pretty silver plated earrings $12
From: chinacherie one of my favorite
jewelry sellers!! I want everything in her shop.

Rose ring $12
From: TheArdentSparrow

Peanut Butter Brownie CANDLE,
need I say more? $14.49
From: candleconfections
check out that shop!!

Pumpkin Pudding Cake SOAP!! $5.50
From: johnif

Hot Baked Apple Pie CANDLE! $7.95
From: thesoapmaker

Oh my gosh, anyone else want to eat those?

Rose Soap $4
From: CourtneyBathBoutique
I love rose scents!!

Black flower cameo necklace $10
From: jessesgrandma , a good friend

Brick red scarf/neck warmer $12
From: considerthelillies , my mom!

Peacock frame $8
From: ME!

rdinal Medallion Ornament $5.25
From: ME!

Ok, that is all for now. I have been doing this for over an hour. :P It takes longer than you think.

My hope is someone will come across something they will want to give as a gift, or buy for them self!

Five weeks until Christmas!!


Purple Daisies said...

Great finds, I love the rose ring!

UberArt said...

What lovely items! I like the vintage look in jewelery also.