Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Repurposed

Good ideas!
Vintage drawer pulls put up as wall hooks.

Source: via Christina on Pinterest

Old crates into a bookcase!

I kind of stink at blogging right now!
I can just keep posting cool inspiration finds, ideas, or vintage items that I like. But, I kind of stink at blogging right now! There are things going on in life I'd like to talk about(no, it's not a pregnancy!). But I can't really on a public place like this. I can't even really on my facebook either.

I'll just say generally, we would like to be near family and we are hoping to make it happen sooner than later. We are going to try to make it happen. But we don't know when the sooner is, and that can drive me crazy at times! Opportunities come along but they aren't the best fit. And it's hard to let them go, because they are an opportunity. But if it's not what is the best one, and if God has something better waiting, then saying no and waiting is better. (even though it's harder).

....And I am really sick of Florida's hot weather for so many months. I want to wear some cute sweater stuff soon!!


Angela said...

:( I really, really do hope it works out for you guys. (((hugs)))

I love the inspiration photos :D

Rachel @ TLC Inspirations said...

Love BOTH of these ideas, but especially the old drawer pulls! I need to incorporate this by my front prevent further abuse to my kitchen countertops :) Thanks!

MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Love and love. Both equally. Thanks for sharing!!!

beka said...

aw, it'd be lovely to be near your family! yes....fall is coming. i can't wait!