Friday, September 30, 2011

Travel success

So we made it! Our flight on Wednesday was a success. I felt a little anxious waiting to get to the airport, but once we checked in and said bye to my parents, I felt better. We went through security just fine, and then didn't have to walk a huge distance to our gate.

We flew Southwest, which I had never flown with before, and so instead of assigned seats for most people, it's first come first serve seating(unless you have a special ticket). There are three groups of people to go on the plane: A, B, and C group. Families with young children do get to go on the plane before it's completely full at least. Our tickets put us near the beginning of the B group, but even then, as we walked onto the plane, there were hardly any areas with two seats open next to each other. Everyone first goes for the window or aisle seat, which means lots and lots of middle seats open. But I did get us two seats together near the back of the plane. Fine with me. Sat next to a nice, quiet lady who was in the aisle seat.

When choosing where to sit(only had about three options near the back of the plane) I decided which person looked like they'd be the least annoyed sitting next to a child. A business looking man, busy on the phone still in his seat? Nah. Nice looking lady drinking Starbucks? Ok! I wonder what went through her mind as I asked if the seats were taken next to her. I think about this stuff. Was she like: No problem, look at that cute child :p or oh no!! a possible brat to spend this flight with?! ;) Well, thankfully Kavi proved to be a good traveler once again as he quietly sat between me and the lady, leaning to my side, falling asleep on my arm soon after take off. He woke up during the last 30 or so minutes of the flight and was still fine. So yay!! We accomplished our first flight with just us two together.

On take off, I got to see a nice areal view of Birmingham's downtown and UAB, and other areas. On landing we got to see Tampa Bay and bridges and downtown Tampa. You couldn't get a helicopter ride to see both cities from above for the $59 each we paid for that flight!!

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Angela said...

So glad you are back safe and sound! Pretty soon, seeing your parents will be a breeze! So happy for you!