Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fear not

Last day visiting Alabama(again!). It was nice to be here for my parents' birthdays!

Me and Kavi are flying home tomorrow and I think usually I'd feel more nervous about such a thing. It's never been just me and Kavi on a flight before! I have struggled with fear of flying during my life, but it has gotten better over the last year or so. It's not the kind of fear that sends me into panic attacks or that I need medication for, but it would make me feel uneasy and have to rationalize in mind during a flight that people fly all the time, thousands of flights a day, we are just one of thousands of safe flights today.

And sometime during the travel to India earlier this year, or it was the way back home, I felt a release of some fear, due to exhaustion. Too tired to even think or worry about it! And I credit God because prayer helped me too. He is always with me during my worries. Then we went to Portland and I really felt ok during those flights, a step in the right direction! So with all of that, along with knowing we don't have to make the long drive home tomorrow, I am looking forward to a one way, quick flight home! We fly direct from Birmingham to Tampa.

Today we will be busy, running around later doing a few things. See you back in Florida!


beka said...

have a great flight home, dear! i love how He brings us peace:)

Angela said...

Good for you!! It is a huge thing to get over such a big fear! I will have to "convo" you to get details on how everything is going ;)