Friday, September 16, 2011

Home again

I am back! We arrived back home yesterday. I had a fantastic time. I miss being pampered already. Pampered in the sense of not having to cook one single meal, not having to clean up after any meal, not having to make my bed, not having to take care of anyone except myself for 5 days!

My sister Jenny and friend Rachel are still visiting and will be here for a couple of days. So we will be hanging out still all weekend, which is always nice.

Here are just a few snaps from my vacation:
First day, just past sunset time

Our room, I got the window bed. ;)

Relaxing on a top deck of the ship(friend on left) one night

That's me! Saw pretty fishies while snorkeling.

Inside beautiful Chankanaab park
My "been snorkeling and sweating all day and about to get back on the ship for dinner" picture.
And I bought it for 11.99 (hehehe). I really wanted to buy at least one photo they took. 


beka said...

lovely! gosh, sounds like you had a good time :) :)

Angela said...

So much fun!!! I want to go back!!!!