Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting ready

I started packing for the cruise last night and I just need to finish a little bit up today. I also should be cleaning up around the house! My sister and our friend are driving down from AL right now to come to my house tonight before we go on the cruise tomorrow! There are six of us going, three in each room. We have all known each other a very long time. Our other fellow travelers live near me and will meet at my house tomorrow morning.

I am so much looking forward to it, but I am getting butterflies here and there about saying bye to Kavi for the five nights. Calling from on board the cruise is very pricey(unless they offer us some great deal?) so I won't really be able to do that. I will try to use wifi at the port stops to use Skype to call my husband. I would feel better to know I could call and say hi like twice a day. (hehe). Kavi will surely be asking where I am every day. I am glad he will be with his daddy though. I pray they have a peaceful, good time while I am away.

I am not very worried about tropical storm/hurricane activity now. Tropical storm Maria will be heading a little towards our way but is supposed to turn north before it can get all the way over to the area we will be in. There is still a chance for outer bands or choppy water from the storm while in the Cayman Islands on Monday, I think.  But I hope nothing stormy. And tropical storm Nate should be almost to the other side of Mexico by the time we get to Cozumel on Tuesday. Two of the ladies joining us on the cruise(a mother/daughter we have known forever) have not been on a cruise before, and we just want it to be smooth and good weather for them. :)

Our schedule:
Sat: Ship leaves Tampa port around 4pm, we will arrive around noon. (I live an hour away from there)
Sun: Day at sea
Mon: Cayman Islands
Tues: Cozumel
Wed: Day at sea
Thurs: Back in Tampa in the morning.

I will blog after I am back! Have a good week!

(Our ship, "Carnival Inspiration")

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tinajo said...

A cruise - a CRUISE! How cool is that, please share later! :-)