Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week recap

A little recap of the past week or so. I will start with last Wednesday.

I started being much better about tracking my calories eaten/burned last Wednesday. I saw the scale very slowly start moving down due to increased activity like walking around the aquarium and such, so I wanted to slightly speed up the momentum with trying more. I felt encouraged and that helps me work harder. As some reading this may realize already, this weight loss thing is such an ongoing battle for me. I am using and an app on my phone to track things. It's going well! I have lost at least a pound in a week but possibly two. My scale is really cheap so it's not completely accurate. I follow myfitnesspal's calorie goals for losing 1.5 pounds a week. And it feel sustainable because I don't let myself be hungry. I just have to wisely use my calories. If I want a little bit of ice cream, I can as long as it's within my calorie limits. But I usually have a "free" day like Saturday where I don't track my calories well and might indulge in something I don't have the rest of the week. I have used myfitnesspal in the past too, but not as consistently as now.
On Saturday we went to see Cars 2. Since Kavi had been to the movies a few times before that, I thought he'd just sit through it well like he has with other movies, and like it a lot. He loves cars and the Cars cars. But, the movie felt really long. I did like the movie, but as a friend said, it seemed more for older kids than a 3-4 year old. Themes of alternate fuels vs oil and cars exploding and espionage-clever in my opinion, but it went over a 3 year old's head. So after an hour he started asking, "why it's not over already?". And then during the last 20 minutes of the movie he was asking for movie popcorn. I said no. He was unhappy.

Thankfully that kind of movie audience has lots and lots of little kids so it's never completely silent. And his little talking cannot be heard over the movie sounds and other random kid sounds in the room. (If that happened during a grown up movie, which I wouldn't take my son to anyway hehe, I would have immediately left the room with him.) So on the way home from the movie, we stopped quickly at the grocery store so that I could go grab a couple items like bread, eggs, and popcorn! The whole box of popcorn with 3 bags inside is cheaper than the small popcorn at the movie theater. At home with the popcorn popped, Kavi was a happy boy.
And now we are in the final countdown to leaving for Portland! Two days (Friday). WOO. Today I am going to try to find a nice fitting pair of New Balance sneakers at JCPenney. I have a $10 off coupon for there, and I really need supportive walking shoes. Tomorrow I will focus on packing and last minute trip prep. We have reserved our parking spot at the hotel we will park our car at in Tampa before going to the airport. That parking cost is 1/3 the price of parking at the airport. And you get a free shuttle to/from the airport which is only a mile or two from that hotel. And our car stays parked in a secure, indoor parking garage. I love deals! We also reserved a rental car at the airport in Portland. Our rooms at a very affordable motel have been reserved for weeks, in Vancouver, WA (right across the border from Portland, OR). We happened to look up rates as they were having a sale last month and locked in the awesome rate. So we are pretty much set, except for packing!

I may stop in again before leaving but I am not 100% sure! I am going to take lots of pictures while away and will of course share!

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beka said...

cars two, huh? that's a fun one to watch once in a while:)

portland--so excited for you!!