Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My son does and says lots of entertaining things all the time, even when he isn't trying to be funny. Kids really do say the darndest things!

A little while ago he suddenly looked sad and slumped over while walking around.
I asked him "what's wrong?" He said, "I'm sad about the 'quarium." I asked why? He said,"I miss the fishies, the sharks, the octopus, the black clouds...". What's funny is he calls this cool fog screen thing "black clouds", and the fact that he is saying he misses it is interesting since he didn't like it while we were at the aquarium! I found a picture somebody else took of this mist thing. It's in a really dark area, which is why Kavi didn't like it. And you could walk through it, but he really didn't want to. He walked around it.

(image found here)
At the far right of the picture, you can see the fog screen with the octopus projected onto it. It's blowing down from the ceiling and they project a cartoon onto it, which is cool. But you can see why he refers to it as black clouds? It seems to lead into darkness.

I told him we are going again soon, we have passes!
And I even miss the aquarium now. I think we will go again very soon. :)

He is also a dance machine and I need to post one of his dancing videos soon. And he likes saying things like "cool man, really awesome, yeah-eh-eh-eh" while grooving.

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