Friday, June 17, 2011

Curtains Finished!

I managed to finish the curtain project within a quick time frame! Compared to my usual procrastinating ways. I think it's because my family is visiting this weekend (driving down right now!) and I wanted the curtains up before they came so they could see them.

I finished them all and then had to redo a hem or two because of one being shorter than another. Argh! But I fixed the problem and now they all look about the same length.'s only two weeks until we leave for Portland, OR!! I have had this written on this chalkboard for a couple weeks now, since we first booked the tickets.


Miss Val's Creations said...

The curtains are adorable! I would have the same problem not getting the hems the same! ~Val

beka said...

so. stinkin'. cute!
great job, christina!!
i love curtains...well, the idea of being all domestic and sewing straight lines......and muslin. ah. it just sounds good to me.
but i have no windows to do right now, and i've never done it before.
so we'll see how i fare someday! lol :)