Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Over the weekend...

We had a fun visit with my family over the weekend. They arrived Friday before dinner so Kavi had a nice few hours to play with them before bed. We ordered pizza for dinner. NY Style pizza, which my family can't seem to find something like it in AL so far. Even at the places that claim to be. This is one of our favorite pizza places, local owned, 1/2 mile from my house.
We played outside after the temperature went down a little(so hot these days!) and Kavi and his neighbor friend drew with chalk all over our porch floor and driveway. There was also help from my sister and others.
(above was only the start, lots more was drawn!)

We met up with some friends for lunch at Panera on Saturday, stopped at Target, then stayed around the house the rest of the day just hanging out. One sad thing was that our good friend Rachel got sick and went to her mom's house(who lives here) and couldn't hang out all day Saturday and Sunday due to feeling yucky.

Sunday for Father's Day, we all met up with my grandmother, cousin, cousin's husband and kids for lunch. Then they all came over after that for dessert at the house. My cousin made and brought up a delicious chocolate mousse pie, with coconut flavored whipped cream on top! Mmmm. We had some family friends stop over during the day too. Coffee was also consumed.

About that coffee...sometimes our Dunkin Donuts-es around here make weak coffee. It's such a bummer. What happened to consistency?! My mom and sister bought a "Box O' Joe" from D&D. Have you seen those? It's an awesome to-go box of hot coffee, for a group.
We were so happy they brought it home...but then I started pouring some and it was light brown. You know what that means. WEAK. So sad. So I brewed a pot of stronger Starbucks coffee that my mom bought me (I'm too cheap to buy nice coffee to brew at home, I buy cheaper stuff hehe) so that we could mix the two.

But we have a theory about Dunkin Donuts around here. Theory: The old people must complain that it's too strong, so D&D makes it weaker for them. Our area has a lot, a lot, a lot of retirees. And if they are going out for coffee, they usually will pick Dunkin Donuts and not Starbucks. Or as one older man called it accidentally "Starburst". So they must buy a lot of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. And maybe they influence D&D's coffee strength. (See, it's a conspiracy!) And the D&D by my house is a hang out spot for a lot of retired men from NY. (We love NY around here in this part of FL, so many people from NY live here. I was born in NY myself.). They sit around talking for hours. We like seeing them sit there though. But is it really their fault? Or the elderly ladies' fault instead? Or is it just random, bad coffee making employees? Because there has to be something going on with it. It's just not good half the time. And the other half of the time it's decent. I need to get to the bottom of this problem. (haha, yeah right.)

That was my coffee rant. :)

Here's a picture of me and my sister.
I realize I don't have any with our dad, for Father's Day. Heh...oops. But here is a good oldie picture of my family!
And back to my family now. They left yesterday to go back home, which is always sad! We had a nice visit.

Now it's countdown time to our Portland trip. I still can't really believe we are going. 10 days is it now? I think so.


Angela said...

First of all, Kavi's curtains turned out so cute!! Also, love the little swing shelf in the post below as well as that hair!

Today's post - it sounds like a great time! Pizza, coffee, relatives. I think you are onto something about the coffee-- :)

beka said...

i totally laughed at the mis-name-- "starburst".
hah! that's sooo funny.

aw, you and your sister are adorable!!