Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Music

I listen to old and new stuff and once in awhile get in a real music mood. So I might play songs from youtube(if I don't own the songs, which seems to be the case for most songs!) for an hour or so, with the nice speakers on, somewhat loud. My son likes it too. My husband likes it too as long as it's not annoying punk music from the 90's like MxPx. :D

Today I thought of Sanctus Real and some of their songs that I like. (Sanctus Real is an American Christian rock band formed in Toledo, Ohio, in 1996. -wiki)

I didn't realize how long ago the songs I was listening to were released-in 2004. That doesn't seem so long ago right? But it's been 7 years!!

So I will just embed a couple and if anyone fancies listening to any, feel free. If not and you have never heard of them, well now you know that there is a band named Sanctus Real! :)

I used to hear these songs occasionally on the radio when I would be driving in my car in the mid 2000's. Sometimes to and from work(before I stopped working). And for some reason, when you hear songs in the car they seem to be even better than when played at home. Funny!

Upbeat song "Everything about You". I love it.

Slower paced song but with good electric guitar. "Closer."

A calmer, introspection kind of song about changing. Like a prayer song. "Change me."

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beka said...

ahhh, sanctus real.
they're so good!
change me is a favorite. mhmm.