Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busyness needed

I'm still on my weight loss journey, something going on for awhile! Due to ups and downs and holidays. I have accomplished things like the 30 Day Shred and felt good. Well I'm thankfully on my way down the scale again.

I had mentioned that at the end of the Shred I lost a few pounds and inches. I had a hard time accepting that muscle weighs more than fat which can make the scale part confusing. Sometimes we reach those plateaus when your body doesn't want to budge from a certain weight. That happened to me for awhile and it was frustrating because it would discourage me from even trying harder. While that doesn't make sense, it's just a weird mind game.

But I feel encouraged yet again! Due to running around doing things like planning my cousins shower and other recent activity, my body decided to cooperate and lose more weight, even though I wasn't trying really hard. It was just the busyness of life which had me moving more and overeating less. Those are the obvious steps for losing weight, I know. Looks like I need to be an event planner! I have a feeling I'd lose a lot of weight with that kind of busy job. :p
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thestoryofkat said...

i can relate...i lost 35lbs last year but gained back 10 over the holidays and now only have 5 of that left to lose before i am back to actual weight loss again. i keep reminding myself that if i lost a lot of weight more quickly, it wouldn't be a realistic thing that i could maintain though....will have to be ok with slow but (almost) steady! congrats on hanging in there!!

Beka said...

well, congrats on losing that much! yes, life being busy totally has an effect on how much time there is to consumer food, much less think about it!