Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I feel like I haven't been so good with blogging lately! I can't seem to get myself to concentrate to write much here right now. I guess I am distracted with some things, and also working on a side project here and there that has to do with writing but not blog writing. More like a little story I'm putting together for kids, even if only my son reads it one day. It's been something going on for years now, put on the back burner after having my son but now on and off I work on it again. :)

So yeah, I'm writing a children's story. I am not a trained "writer" and never considered myself a "writer", but it seems I am indeed writing something! :P I'm not thinking "I want to be published!". Maybe it was more that at first. Now, I just want to make an entertaining story for young people and young at heart, even if it's just for my son, family and friends.

I guess I do like writing when it makes me feel happy. Like this blog. I like having it and sharing ideas, inspiration, and some stories. I like reading other blogs too.

I always feel weird even saying I am writing a story because people don't seem to take that kind of idea seriously! I wrote some of it before I was even pregnant, had some time to leave it be, and then picked it back up again. In case it seems I might just have a couple pages worth of words written/typed so far, I actually have 14,731 words typed out at this moment, in a very "rough draft".

So now I am trying to keep adding to it much more frequently than before.


Angela said...

Wow!! Yay for you!!

I have been bad a blogging lately too! I just haven't been in much of a mood for it -- or really I have just been in a crafty mood and want to embrace it while I can!

thestoryofkat said...

Very cool, good for you!

Beka said...

that's great news!
and if you're enjoying writing, and creating that story for people {your son, etc} to read someday, that is what's important. :)

though, have you thought of getting it published on a website/indie publishing, once it's done? just to buy a few copies to have? that would be awesome:)