Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Shower Fun

Yesterday was my cousin's baby shower! After a week of rushed planning, it went so well! I had done prep ahead of time, and my sister did too even though she was in Alabama before coming down on Friday. People loved the decor, and now I am obsessed with orange and turquoise together!! I had shown my cousin inspirations for baby shower decor, and she picked this color combo. I am so glad she did!
We had fun adding in quirky touches, like the orange Gnome, cotton candy, peeps, mint oreos,
and more!
I'm not posting pictures from when everyone was there just in case some people wouldn't want their picture on a blog! :P But it was a nice turn out of about 25 people(including a couple of little kids).

Friend, cousin, sister:
Me, cousin's daughter, cousin, friend. You can see my cousin's belly in this one more!


Angela said...

Such cute decorations! Now I really want some punch!

You and your sister look so much alike!

Beka said...

aw, adorable! love the color scheme.
very cute. i could really go for a few oreos. shoot. :)