Friday, April 15, 2011

The above picture is from about 3 weeks ago. It is Kavi driving his truck in the backyard, with his new huge dinosaur as his passenger! He got that as a birthday gift from friends. At first he was scared of it. The dinosaur roars and his eyes light up red, even scary for an adult! ;) But he grew to love it, thankfully.

Kavi has had a little cold the past couple days. Today he seems to be a lot better! Early Wednesday morning he had a fever and then it came back during the day a couple of times. But I don't think he had a fever all day yesterday. He hardly had symptoms besides a sometimes runny nose. I hope to get out of the house today. Too much time at home the past few days!

Here are other pictures I've had fun with, using retro style editing phone apps.

Me and my husband

My tea from a couple of nights ago

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adoraaaaabbblllllleeee -jenny