Monday, December 14, 2009

I need to take pictures...

...of various items to share on the blog!

I was part of a fun blogger gift swap put together by Angela at Pickles on Pizza, and I was excited that Tia got randomly matched to me! She is a super cool gal. She sent an adorably awesome little plaque. I will take my own pictures as well, but for now visit her blog where she has posted a tuturial on these cute plaques...and the picture below is the kind I received, except as a wall plaque. And it will be going up on the wall shortly! :) Click picture to get to the tutorial!
Do you remember the tutorial link I posted not long ago for DIY modern paper ornaments? I had said I couldn't finish because I didn't have staples. But my husband found some, so I think I should make a bunch now just for fun!! If you missed it, here's the link and picture from the source.
Click picture for link

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Anonymous said...

how fun! i love how it just adds a little color and flare to the room~