Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hot Chocolate Needed

Irene's Cup Of Hot Chocolate
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So the weather here in Florida is not as cold as much of the rest of the country, but I have been craving hot chocolate since Thursday night. We need to go grocery shopping to get some of that and a lot of other items.

Up in Alabama where my family lives, they had snow this morning! They emailed me pictures from their cell phone. Wow! It will probably melt soon, or already has, but it was so pretty. A light layer of white.

My mom is doing her first craft show this weekend! It's in downtown Birmingham, AL. It's cold there today so I hope a crowd still shows up. She is selling a lot of crocheted items that keep you warm, which should be a good seller during cold weather! I think she might be inside a building. I will try calling my dad in a little bit, he is with her, to see how it's been so far today. I am excited for her! I hope she sells lots and lots.

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