Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The crafty area!

So finally I am finished with my back wall space that I made to be my crafty area. I am not thrilled with the wall color anymore. I think I have mentioned that already! But I didn't feel like repainting back there. So it's bright and filled with warm colors. (I wish my pictures were better!) Click pictures for a larger view. :)
There are still some finishing touches that need to be done, as you can see the empty little frame that I haven't filled yet!

We put up our CHRISTMAS TREE last night, yayyy!! Today I also put up some Christmas decor around the living room. At the toddler group today, we made cute snowmen on paper, out of cotton balls and a little picture with snowflakes and a sleigh. I will take pictures once my rechargeable batteries are charged! (both sets are dead and charging!)

I love Christmastime!


SewSweetStitches said...

Love that little mini chandelier!

Christopher And Tia said...

yayy, can't wait to see the cute cotton ball snowman.

Your craft space is cute! Where are you hiding all the clutter?? haha. My craft area is a DISASTER.

Jenny F said...

look i can comment now!

Christina said...

Tia- haha it looked pretty bad soon before this shot. I have storage boxes underneath. ;) And I doubt I'll keep it looking clean. eeeks. I'm a slob!

Leslie said...

It's so clean . . . how nice. Unlike my space. However, I like the warm color. My walls are yellow and so pretty and bright!

cabin + cub said...

Cute crafty area!.. love the embroidery hoops you hung. I can't wait to put up our tree too... I think we are going to try and get a real one though so will have to wait a couple more weeks.