Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm sure many of us are pretty busy as Christmas gets closer and closer! Christmas getting closer is bittersweet for me. The sweet part- going up to Alabama for Christmas, we will see family and will surely have a blast. The bitter- I don't want Christmas to be over too soon! I still want to feel Christmassy and not have it rush by.

Today we were out for hours shopping. And it wasn't even for Christmas gifts! I was on a mission to find an item of clothing. And whenever I am on that kind of mission, it seems I never find exactly what I wanted to! But today I found a nice substitute. I wanted a pencil skirt originally because I had two shirt options already, for wearing on Christmas Eve. Difficult task!!!! So that didn't work out. But I found a cute dress and leggings instead. And since I'm a bargain shopper, I got them both for $24 and change.

I feel like a doof in leggings because I am not thin. But my dress goes to almost the knee and the leggings are just for some extra coverage and to be "hip" hahaha. But trying on lots of clothes is not fun after awhile and does not help with self-esteem. And those surround mirrors, eeeks. Target is the worst, you can see every angle as you try on clothes. Now items have to pass the Target mirror test. If they look decent enough in THOSE mirrors, then you are good.

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Angela said...

Score!! Good deal, I love a sister bargain hunter! I have not done leggings yet...but I am inching closer every day.

I know what you mean about Christmas too. I have hardly even seen my tree even though it has been up since Thanksgiving. I have been in my art room staring at ornaments.