Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The days ahead

So we leave today, in the early afternoon. I'm praying for a smooth drive. I'll probably write another entry and schedule it to post while we are away. I will have access to a computer or two but not really to sit writing on the blog.

The days ahead will be filled with a lot of fun and good food! And presents! And thinking of the season and New Year that is soon coming. As may be apparent by now, though I don't talk about it much on here, I'm religious (Christian) so this time of year is nice for reflecting on the story of Jesus' birth and it holds much importance for me.

On Christmas Eve we will all head over to a friend's house up in Alabama for cookies, snacks, and some gift exchanging with them. It's been a tradition for many years now that we share Christmas Eve with this family. It usually took place here in Florida, but it will happen up there instead! If that sounds confusing, it's because my friend Cindy who lives in Alabama, her parents live here still in my town. She used to live here as well but she moved to Alabama years ago when she got married and that is how we "met" the town she lives in (that my parents moved to).

Christmas will be at my parents' house of course. We may go to a local park on Christmas evening if weather permits to look at their amazing Christmas light displays and take a ride on a really cute train that is there. Here's a picture I took of it, not exactly the best one but you get the idea!
See you all later!

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Fallon said...

Have a safe drive and a Merry Christmas!