Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I added some more info recently in my profile on Etsy, to make it more personal. I wanted to share some of the things I wrote in my profile for thecozynest, where I sell my pillows/pillow covers right now. So here is a little more about me:

I like trying to be creative and thrifty. I love colorful fabric whether it's vintage or modern. My house is filled with items I made myself- from curtains to pillows to wall decor, along with thrift store finds and other great steals and deals.

My first memory of making a pillow was as a young child in a evening function, held at church, where we hand sewed some small animal shaped pillows. This was the 80's. I found it very interesting, the way the wrong sides of fabric were put together and turned inside out to make it look good. Years later I made pillows here and there, all hand sewn because I had no sewing machine! Time consuming work. I finally got my first sewing machine about 8 years ago, as a Christmas gift from my parents, which is the same one I still use. It has served me well so far! I hope you enjoy the finished products of my fabrics and threads.

I'd love to expand my sewing abilities. I recently bought a book for only 7.99 at Books-a-Million called "How to Sew", even though I know basics.

It has simple to follow instructions. I was most interested in the patterns for reversible totes and zip bags. It is a handy book!! And I thought the cover was pretty too.


Jennifer said...

The cover is really nice! I'd want it just for that, lol :) Happy sewing!

considerthelillies said...

I am glad you got so much use from that little sewing machine! I can only imagine the works of art you would make with a fancy one!

cabin + cub said...

Cut etsy shop and blog! ;)