Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Summery Items

All found on Etsy! ALL $23 and under!
  1. "Ananias", handmade leather sandals from Greece only $18, From AnaniasSandals
  2. Fun lemony reuseable grocery bag $12, folds into self, From abeachbreeze
  3. Lime or Lemon holder $12, From wabisabipottery
  4. Orange sun dress, only $23!!, From pinkypinky
I think the dress is so airy and pretty. It would probably make me look like a big puff but I am sure it would good on other people! :)

Don't forget about the giveaway going on here! Entries welcomed until Thursday night, late. I'd say maybe a 3 AM EST deadline, that way it's midnight for the west coasters.

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KnockKnocking said...

Oh Etsy, I love you so! What a great post!