Friday, June 19, 2009

Excited about Flickr

Visit this cute blog, Paper*Cakes Finds

Last Friday two of my items that I had uploaded to flickr were part of the "flickr Friday" there, and today two more items that I recently uploaded were a part of it too! I started using flickr recently and have been having fun with finding groups to be a part of to add some of my photos to. I think it will help more people get to know about me in the long run. Already, I have had items shown on paper*cakesfinds blog, which has over 400 followers!! If you visit there today, my items are the Bumblebee and Blue flower necklace, and the IKEA fabric pillow cover! I just find it a little exciting. :)

This is post #99, and that means tomorrow is #100 and BLOG GIVEAWAY time!! It is going to have a coffee theme. (If you like tea better, it can be considered a tea theme too. haha.) There will be two items in the giveaway. I think it will be fun!!

Here is my flickr, by the way:

coffee&cream's itemsGo to coffee&cream's photostream

An added edit: Look at my other blog East Meets West for a fun post about east meets west style music!!

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cabin + cub said...

I have been debating on whether to try flickr.. it seems like a pretty cool site. ;)

of to check yours out!