Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthdays and Decor Inpirations

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant last night, just us three. But today my family will join us to eat at an Indian buffet for lunch, can't wait! Indian definitely became my favorite  cuisine over the years, influenced by my husband but also because it's just so delicious to me. So many different styles of Indian food. Differs from North to South India, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, with their yummy snacks and desserts too.

Kavi's 4th birthday is on Wednesday! I can't believe he'll be 4 years old! We are having a birthday party for him the following Saturday. Cars (Disney) theme, his request!

And a favorite "pin" of the day on pinterest. I don't plan to paint our mantel yellow but already had planned to incorporate these colors, plus one or two more colors, in the living room and our bedroom. So I repinned this from Angela, and it first originated from a studio decorated here and toured here before being mentioned on decor8blog. Amazing how these pins get around!


beka said...

ahhh that's a unique mantel! cute!

awww, happy birthday to the men in your life :) :)

Nen said...

How fun! My house is too little for a sweet fireplace area! Maybe someday though! If you decorate yours in this fashion... I hope you'll post pics! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Suj and Kavi!!