Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The painting

Since a few people mentioned loving the painting, I wanted to talk about it! I love it too! And guess what? I got it through a trade with a talented friend. Since I had a sewing machine, and she had this lovely painting, we traded. My help to sew up bolster covers and regular pillow covers for this beautiful 2'x3' painting. We had to mail our items to each other and I was so excited when I received this, in a very large flat packaged box.
My friend Laura has two shops on Etsy. This work was unique as she had originally painted it for her own house. I admired it from the beginning. I eventually asked if she thought of scanning it to sell prints of on Etsy in her shop. That's when she said I could just have it, the original one, in the trade!
I received it at our rental house and put it up there before Christmas. But at this house, it's perfect in between the door and window, which open out onto trees as well! I had no idea how perfect it'd be when we decided to trade, since we didn't look at this house yet!

It has received compliments by all who see it! I had the pleasure of meeting Laura before I moved to Alabama.
(Sorry I was only able to use cell phone photos!)

If you'd like to check our her work, visit her on Etsy here:

Or on facebook here:


Laura :) said...

It does look super above your fireplace. So glad you love it :)

Angela said...

:) Thanks for sharing the links! She is SO talented!!

Katkoot said...

I love it so much!