Monday, January 9, 2012

A cold, and a house!

I came down with a cold last week and thought I felt better, until yesterday. I started getting dizzy on and off, then I slept horribly last night due to Mucinex D which made me toss and turn. I didn't know it wasn't good to take before bedtime! I think it helped my dizziness/congestion, but gave me sleep problems in exchange! And weird dreams.

Today I woke up tired but feeling better. Or so I thought. We met up with a family friend for their birthday lunch and as I sat there eating, I felt worse and worse again, like my head was spinning. Big-time dizzy. We decided I should finally go to the doctor. My mom drove me because I felt too dizzy to drive. They took my blood (just to check it out, not bad to have an annual check on it) and took an xray of my sinuses. It showed some "cloudiness" in my cheek sinuses. So I got a prescription for a z-pack. As I suspected, I had a sinus infection that was messing with my head, making me dizzy. My husband is out getting my rx filled and hopefully I will really truly feel normal soon!

AND big news. We may be moving into the house we are buying very soon. Like maybe even on Sunday?! I can hardly think about it at the moment because I'm tired. Our closing might happen on Friday. If I feel totally better by then, we may start moving stuff over the weekend. I am excited but freaked out since I don't feel prepared to move *again*. But enough of my whining, it's sure to be another part of the adventure of living in Alabama! Right now we are minutes from my parents, less than a mile. We will instead be 45 minutes away. So that is sad but we are all reminding ourselves that it's MUCH better than the ten hours between here and Florida. My husband will have a much better commute to his downtown Birmingham job and that's important. I will be close to a Target and lots of other fun shops, so that's nice also.

Here's where we hope to call "home" soon:
 I think I'll wait to share more pictures after the closing, just to make sure it's really ours!


Fallon said...

What a charmer :) Ill pray for you guys during your closing and moving!

Angela said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sinus problems are such a drag! They are so severe around here it is actually called "The Delta Crud" --thankfully, I have not had "the crud" yet this year.

I didn't realize y'all found a house already! YAY! It sure is a cute one! I just got a chance to look back at your blog (looking to see if I missed the first 'we found a house!' post) and I didn't realize how many posts I missed while I was in my Christmas ornament painting vortex!! Great to be all caught up now!