Thursday, February 2, 2012

House views

 We got a new "pub height" round table for our kitchen. It's petite but very functional. It has the shelf area underneath and a large drawer for storage. The sides fold down as well. It's been fun to sit there with coffee, tea, or even a meal and look out of the window into the woods.
morning coffee
 Even though it looks like there is nothing around back there in the woods, you can actually see the back of some neighbors' houses on the left(that angle not pictured). So we don't feel isolated. But we have a large patch of woods for lots of privacy still! The woods are outside of our property, owned by someone else. But we get to admire the view!

Me on the wood deck
our deck that you can access from the living room

How our living room looked the first morning we lived here. Things have progressed more since then but I don't have the pictures ready yet!
Just a view near our neighborhood, near lots of stores, and pretty views.


jordiegirl said...

That table looks like an excellent idea by the window.

Lucy The Valiant said...

I loooove that table! Especially since it has a view of the woods... so cozy!

Devon said...

your hair looks so nice!

your house looks so cozy... i love that table.. i'd prob be propping my feet up on that shelf though and ruin it! haha glad you're settling in!