Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fireplace on a cozy Saturday

 Yesterday(Saturday), my family drove down from their town to hang out with us during the day and evening. It turned out to be such a cozy day! It rained the first part of the day and stayed cloudy the rest of the day. It wasn't very cold, but as the evening came it got chilly enough for us to try out our fireplace! We would have tried it no matter what though.

My sister brought some firewood from their home that they had for their outside fire pit. We are very inexperienced with fireplaces, as you can imagine with growing up in Florida. So this is so new for us. Since we recently had the house inspection before buying this house, we knew the fireplace was fine to use. My sister was the one who worked to start the fire, with some crumpled newspaper over the wood, and after a little bit, the fire was crackling away. My mom made giddy giggles, and we all felt happy. We felt like we were at a vacation home. (Because having a working fireplace is still such a new feeling to most of us! Something we dreamed of in the past.)

My sis also picked up marshmallows, chocolate bars 
and graham crackers to make S'mores!! 

Marshmallows roasting below. 
My S'more

Lights off to feel even more cozy. 

I shared one of these pictures on facebook and said how happy it made me to have a lit fireplace yesterday! And then I also added this: 

"And in case my happiness bothers anyone lol, don't worry I am sure I could complain 
about a few things too, but I AM happy right now!! And it feels good. When we used to say 
bye to family and drive home to FL or they drove home to AL, I always had a dark cloud 
hanging over me even when I felt stronger. That is GONE now."

It's very true. Even when I was having a happy time in Florida, I'd end up having some days of feeling lonely or bored. I'd feel a nagging feeling all the time that just wasn't good. I would pray and get through it. Then we moved to AL and I felt so much happier.  But in the rental house, I knew it wasn't our permanent home. I knew we had to find a house to buy and that added a little stress since we had just moved all our belongings. Finding a house and buying it went faster than expected. But we found a home that we really liked, and was in a great price range. We had to act! So we did, and now we are here getting settled in. And I like this house so much, and the area. Even though we are now 45 minutes from my family instead of 2 minutes, I don't at all feel that nagging Florida dread I used to feel when I drove home from visiting them. I feel joy, peace, and excitement for exploring another area. I am sure it's harder for them right now in a way, because they aren't busy with setting up a new house like I am. But we will all get used to it and it will feel very normal soon. I am praying this joy stays in me, because I don't want to go back to feeling what I used to when we were so far away. I feel relieved right now. :)


Angela said...

The fire place is so pretty and I love how the painting over it looks just like the scene outside the window and door. I have never had a fireplace either and I have always wanted one so I understand getting giddy about it. Don't let the 45 minute drive get to you at all :) I commute to work 45 minutes 3 times a week. At first I thought I would hate it but now I look at it as a time to be by myself, gather my thoughts, a prepare for the day. Though I must admit I hate the commute home on Friday!!

beka said...

i love the art above the fireplace! beautiful :) :)

Fallon said...

Oh it looks so lovely! I also live 45 minutes from family. We live on opposite sides of town. While I wouldn't come by just for an hour visit, it certainly doesn't get in the way of regular visits if you know what I mean. Just take turns making the journey :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

Nothing could be cozier or more lovely!