Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday, in the morning, me and Kavi went to a toddler group that I have been going to again recently. It's cute for the kids. They have singing, story time, and craft time. Kavi is only 2 so a lot of the things he can't quite do so I have to help him a lot. I find it fun but tiring! So I was tired most of the day yesterday. I also need to get more sleep at night.

My Etsy shops have been in a slump lately, and I have many pillow projects halfway done. But then, I lose the energy or motivation to complete them! But I would like to finish most of it, if not all, before we go to India in three weeks!! Suddenly that doesn't seem so far away! I will have to put my shops in vacation mode for at least three weeks while we are away. So when I am back and readjusted I will have to get the shops up and running again.

Right now there is a 10.5 hour time different between here and India. They are 10.5 hours ahead of EST (my time zone). When we have daylight savings time, it then becomes a 9.5 hours difference(they don't change their clocks, and they also have that half hour difference, different huh?).

Here is at least one project I completed(finally) and listed in the shop last night:

Anchors away...
It's similar to a pillow I made for a friend for Christmas. She liked it a lot so I wanted to make another one, with some differences.

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Marlene said...

I love that nautical themed pillow! I have a nautical themed bathroom....too bad I couldn't use a pillow in there. Hmmm....or could I?