Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Friends

I wasn't sure what to share today. I kept changing my mind! So now it's settled. I am sharing a picture from 4th of July last year.
You can see me, my husband and son in this picture. The rest are all long time friends. We were visiting Alabama for the 4th of July, this was in their downtown area to watch the fireworks. Our good friends Danny, Jill, Dawn(with her baby), Jenn, and Andy with their daughter. My sister may have been taking the picture, since she isn't in it? And a couple other friends who were there aren't in the shot either. Our friends above either live in Alabama now or near Atlanta. We all used to live in Florida.

With the exception of one person in the picture, I have known the rest since I was a young teenager. Many memories! Funny stories, teen embarrassments, grown up excitements, marriages, children. We miss them!

I think you should join in to flashback Friday if you don't already, because it's fun!
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Christopher And Tia said...

Aww it must have been so much fun to be together with all of those friends!! 4th of July used to be something fantastic for me, as a kid it was always a BIG DEAL, maybe because my parents turned it into such a big deal? These days its not so magical, but, I guess it is what you make of it? Maybe this year I'll try to bring out the pots and pans and let the kids bang on them outside.. all that good stuff :)

Nen said...

hooooooray! i love this picture!