Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy day, Award and Seven Things

On this rainy day, we are supposed to go out later to do some shopping for last minute items needed for our trip. We have our front door open(there is a porch so rain can't come in) and it sounds very pretty. Somewhat heavy rain.

It was sew sweet ;) of Melissa at SewSweetStiches to give me this Kreativ Blogger award:

Thank you, Melissa! If you've never read her blog, you should go check it out. :)

As part of getting this award I am supposed to share seven things that I haven't shared before. I will think hard, and try to make sure it's nothing I shared before!

1. I am afraid of heights, so the only kind of real roller coaster I have been on was Space Mountain. I haven't gone on any looping coasters. I can't do it! This also impacts my flights in planes. I can manage it, but I still get nervous at first. And mountain roads=rubbery feeling legs.

2. I really like watching hip hop, freestyle and street dancing. I love the choreography in this video below - AWESOME. I wish I could dance like that, for real.

3. I bite my nails sometimes. :\

4. I am 5' 7" and am a lot taller than my mom and sister.

5. Everyone always has said I look a lot like my dad. I do. Once I became a teenager, occasionally people said I looked like my mom.

6. I have good eyebrow control. hahaha. Like, I can switch back and forth which one is up and down, up and down, up and down and make them dance.

7. I once got a joke award when I was a kid, in school, for being able to express how I feel with simply the lift of an eyebrow. I wish I had that award still! Apparently I can express various emotions with slight variations in facial expression and eyebrows. Not all of us can be so talented. ;)

I did it! Seven things.

I will pass this award along to seven other bloggers. :)

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If you'd like to accept this award, copy the picture of the award above and post it on your blog along with seven things about yourself. If you do it, great!! If you don't, that's okay too. And if you do it in a few days, and I don't comment, it's not because I don't like you! :D Remember, my long trip is coming...I won't be able to be online as much. I will let everyone know they got the award by tomorrow if they don't see it on their own. :)

Happy Sunday!


Marlene said...

I think we need a video of your eyebrow talents! :)

Laura H said...

hahha! yes!! what Marlene said :D

Laura H said...

hahha yes! ^^ what Marlene said >:D

Laura H said...

argh double comments... fail..

Christina said...

Hehe, maybe one day! :P

Nen said...

nice video! i always wanted to be a dancer like that and since i can't.. i love to watch! thanks for sharing!

i also have great control of my eyebrows... people think i'm weird! hahahaha

Angela said...

Good eyebrow control!! LOL

I don't do roller coasters either! Once Aubrey and I went on a Ferris Wheel together- when we go down he promised he would never make me go on a ride ever again...I freaked a little :(

geschichtenvonkat said...

thanks for including me, i'm blushing :)

and here's my post of seven things:

SewSweetStitches said...

I LOOOVE sytycd! And yes, you must put an eyebrow video on! If you do, I promise to post a nose-flaring video. Not that anyone's requested that. Or wants to see it. haha!

Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Christina, this was a pleasant surprise. Interesting how I ended up seeing the comment you left. I'll save it for the post. Thank you so much...

God bless. Have a safe trip.

Light and Writing said...

Thanks so much Christina! Very very sweet of you!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much, I'm so honored! I've been traveling a week and a half and just now got back into my country so am going to bed at 9:30!! I have a to-do list tomorrow that includes this blog post though!