Thursday, February 23, 2012

Resourceful: art

I love so many art prints on Etsy, but in reality I can't go and buy them all at once. I could buy a little bit here or there, or figure out other ways to fill my frames until I can buy something new. I have mentioned here before, awhile ago, how I used scrapbooking paper and a tea towel to frame for the living room.

In this house, I recently played around with these six frames, changing them around so many times until I stuck with this grouping! This is in the living room behind a sofa.

The fox at the water print is a page from a calendar, it was for January which was over, so I ripped it out to frame. The elephant paragliding was from the back of the previous year's calendar by the same artist, Sadlyharmless, and on the left, the elk in falling leaves was a freebie postcard from the same artist. In the top middle frame are the postcards I got in Oregon last July. The numbers print is just scrapbook paper, and I will probably replace that with something else. I don't purposely have the numbers sideways, but I liked the frame sideways better.Oh- the middle bottom triple frame just has a stock photo in it still, from Target. I will fill those with family pictures. I ordered a few photo prints from Walmart that are ready now, I just need to get them.
This is where the frames are above the couch. As you can see, it's a high wall so more will need to be added. I am not yet sure what it will be, though!

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Angela said...

Very resourceful! I think they look great!! Don't forget to shop estate sales and thrift shops for original art for dirt cheap!!