Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's go on an adventure

                                                                   Source: via Christina on Pinterest

I really like the above saying. I feel like parts of my life have been that way, with my husband. 

And then I found this cute shop on Etsy with adorable paintings. These are original paintings for sale, similar themes but each one original!! They would look great in a child's room. 
Or even just around the rest of the house! I would put one up anywhere. 

(You can click the shop banner above to see more)

As for my own Etsy shops, they realllllllly slowed down. And now they are back in vacation mode because I packed up all my supplies and sewing machine. I will wait and see what the future holds for my shops, after settling down. 

1 comment:

Angela said...

Love those prints!! I know it seems like a ton of stress and work right now but this adventure will have a very happy ending for you!

My Etsy shop - JUST picked up steam this week after a dreadfully slow September! Hang in there!