Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boxes and Recipes

Boxes, boxes everywhere! Packing is quite the task. Still have so much more to do, and not a lot of time left! For a few short minutes I wondered why packing seemed to be a bigger task than the last time. It didn't take long to figure it out since last time we only had to move two people's items. This time, we have three people's items, along with many toys! We are giving away and donating a lot of stuff. 

Since cooking a good dinner every night is not happening lately with the focus on packing and getting other things done, it actually makes me want to look up new recipes to try out. Eventually. I am pinning them, since they have the handy link provided to the recipes. I have soup on the mind, since we will be living somehwere that is colder during fall/winter than FL! :) (By the way, it gets messed up for me sometimes when I try to center pinterest images and write something above it. Frustrating!)

Here are a few I have got to try, after moving:
Chicken, lime and avocado soup

Veggie coconut curry

Eggplant meatballs (vegetarian)

Crockpot chickpea curry


considerthelillies said...

they all look sooo delicious! Can't wait till you are all here and we can eat these yummy soups together!!!!!!!

Angela said...

Soon you will be all settled in to your new place and you will have dinner plans lined up for weeks! I am sure your Mom & Dad will enjoy a few meals with you!!