Friday, October 28, 2011


I had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday with family! 

Me, Kavi, and my parents went to Trussville (45 mins away, near Birmingham) to eat at a cute place called The Three Earred Rabbit. I had a delicious sandwich and some vanilla coke.  
We went to Target after that and I bought myself a few birthday items: a cute candle with words written on it about Autumn, a pretty purple top, and a bright white duvet cover/shams for our bed. 

In the evening we had dinner at my parents' house, where my mom set up this table so nicely for my birthday. She had the centerpiece up for over a week now, but added all the extras for my birthday dinner. My husband met us there after work.  

I got some great gifts from everyone, including a cozy and soft sweater cardigan I picked out from Old Navy(one of my parents' gifts to me). 
We are still setting up our house of course. It's fun and also tiring! 
Yesterday I stayed home most of the day, which felt nice, and took this picture from the porch. 
Also yesterday, a friend of mine who lives right down the street, almost across from that yellow tree, brought me a plate of cupcakes she made. :) That's another great thing about living here. We are not only close to my family, but to a lot of friends.

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beka said...

aw, what a lovely time!!
happy birthday :) :)