Thursday, July 28, 2011

Germs, go away


We came home from Portland about 20 days ago. And I caught a little cold before leaving there, and it also felt like I had a sinus thing. Kavi's nose ran a lot at that time too. Then we started feeling better.

Now, he already has something else!! He started coughing a couple of days ago and it's still hanging around. The poor little boy. He does seem to be getting better though. I think he might have caught it last week at vacation bible school, that's my theory.

The upside to being around a lot of kids-fun! learning! new friends!

The downside-icky germs on children that spread to other children!

Random things:
My house is part clean and part mess. Will it ever be completely clean? It's my own fault. Some days I care, some days I don't. many little metal toy cars will I have accidentally stepped on by the time Kavi doesn't like them anymore? No injuries to report, thankfully. Just an almost injury.

Exciting news (and praying for good health for Kavi soon and for me! Please, I can't get sick again! And not before this trip):

Me and Kavi are supposed to leave to visit my family on Tuesday, with me being the only driver, just me and Kavi, for the road trip. That will be a first. I am a little scared, especially since the car's cruise control broke(am I insane to do this or what?!) and it's at least a 9 hour ordeal, usually 10. But I am going to be brave and me and Kavi will have an adventure in the car.

While we are there, I will finally see part of The World's Longest Yard Sale!! It starts in the city my parents live in now. It begins on Aug 4th and runs through the weekend.

And-we get to meet a fellow blogger!! Angela! And her husband(I believe). That is going to be fun!! She is like an expert buyer of cool old things now too! Maybe she can give me and my mom some tips. ;)


beka said...

world's longest yard sale?
sounds interesting!
yay for meeting blog ladies :) :)
have fun!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Boo to germs! Hope you all feel better soon!