Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help a girl out?

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Would you like to help me win a fashion challenge I entered over at Lillyella's blog?

To explain more, quoted from the blog:
"This month's Couture du Jour Challenge was to create an outfit of four vintage pieces. It could be casual or dressy and there was no limit on the cost of the pieces. The entries are in and now it's time for you to pick your favorite ensemble! The winner will receive their choice of any piece of jewelry from my collection."

You can go here and vote for outfit #2.
There are some beautiful outfits, so I really need help winning to get a piece of jewelry from LillyElla's shop. My submitted outfit is at the top of this post.

My outfit's link:

You can view all the submitted outfits here:

Awesome outfits, wouldn't you say?! All vintage. The voting is only open until tomorrow morning, so I'd love if you could go over today and vote! Thanks. hehehe.


geschichtenvonkat said...

o but yours really is the best!!! off to vote now :)

beka said...

I voted!
Lovely outfit!!!!

SewSweetStitches said...

You got my vote! That dress is amazing

Christina said...

Thanks gals!! :)

Angela said...

I voted and I really did like yours best- with that merigold yellow floral dress coming in 2nd!

Angela said...

...and where did that beautiful dress come from?