Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Plus Pictures!

Happy Easter/Resurrection day! Here in India it's already the afternoon on Easter. My in-laws don't celebrate it so we didn't do anything special for today. We just celebrated in our hearts. It's odd to me - my first Easter in a place where it's not very celebrated. There are Christians in India who do celebrate it, but overall it's just another Sunday here. I am missing some of the good food I heard about that was being prepared at my parents house for today!

Unfortunately the unlimited internet plan I talked about last time did not get activated! That is why I haven't posted yet. Now I don't even know if that's going to happen. I can post a bunch of pictures though!

We have gone to some malls near here a couple times now and they are pretty nice! Nothing like going to a shopping mall while in another country hehehe.

Here are some pictures from out and about, and us on the top of the building my in-laws live in, overlooking the area. I will post more pictures again maybe before we leave India(a little over a week away). In the first picture the bottom white building is a local hotel. Last year I met a lot of relatives there in a meeting/banquet hall where we had a catered dinner get-together.

Hotel Three Star


small local shops

"Utsav Chowk" - a pretty structure/fountain near the entrance of this area.
On top of our building

View from the top. Also below they are working on a new park with a walking track.
It should be nice.

India is of course a very interesting place. There are some things that are done so differently that it can be hard to adjust to. It's very much a cultural experience. Also the huge gap in economic status among people in one small area is very easy to see. You can see all these nice newly built large complexes like in the picture above and like the one we are staying in. Yet very very close by are shacks and piles of trash and tiny streams filled with trash. India is definitely taking steps forward economically speaking, but the poverty is still widespread.


considerthelillies said...

hi Stina! I miss you!!! Nice to read your post! Too bad about the unlimited internet access!

Nen said...

i hope Kavi is feeling better!

what great pictures to show us india! i think i might enjoy going to the little shops... but i don't know if i could adjust to other cultural differences!

hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Nishant said...

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geschichtenvonkat said...

hope you are enjoying your trip or perhaps having a safe trip home by now. so fun to see your photos, thanks for sharing!