Friday, April 17, 2009


I have some hope for my Etsy shop again. It has been very slow, only making one sale in almost two months. And that sale was to my mother! At least she lives in a different state than me!

My hope comes because I am going to be working on a custom pillow order from a lovely customer, who ordered from me as my last non-relative sale in February before we went to India. I had made these four birds for her, for cute decoration in her daughter's room. She just contacted me again about the new pillow so I am excited.

I also have been asked by a friend to make a bracelet featuring the orange blossom look of the necklace I recently listed.

I had been working on necklaces for a little bit but now I need to go back on working on pillow designs and ideas. I have ideas, I just haven't actually made them yet. I have cute fabrics laying around waiting to be made into something fun.


Light and Writing said...

I am so in love with birds and these are adorable!

considerthelillies said...

i love them!