Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good morning!

I still haven't made my coffee yet today, will be doing that as soon as I am done on here! ;) My parents recently visited and my mom got some Seattle's Best coffee that is pretty good, breakfast blend.

I am thinking of redoing my template here. I am not so happy with the colors on this blog, though it's supposed to be coffee looking. But I found some really cute templates I might use, I just need to have the time to spend on it.

A month ago, my husband and I and our little guy were in India. We had gone from Feb 27th to March 8th. My husband is Indian, which is why I have a vintage visit India poster as my blogger profile pic right now. We visited my husband's family. And that is why my "life in general" blog is called East Meets West. I want to get together a group of Indian inspired items from Etsy or other shopping sites and post it here to bring some of the Indian spice into this blog from time to time.

My shop and my mother's shop on Etsy have been very slow for over a month now. I am going to have a sale starting this Friday but I haven't figured out all the details yet. I hope to post them later today in my shop, and on twitter, and here.

Off to make coffee!


Two Happy Stampers said...

Yah, sales are slow for a lot of people it seems. We just had our first April sale today, so I am thankful to the Lord for that. =)

Scrap It Up (a.k.a. Kendahl) said...

Thanks for entering over on my blog! Have a great day!