Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally posting here!

The Holidays were busy and filled with fun, and I didn't have much extra time for posting here. I am thrilled to say that I received some amazing gifts that were purchased from Etsy, off of my favorites list!

I am making some new pillows finally also. With family staying at the house and lots of gatherings here, getting out the sewing machine and making a mess just wasn't an option! I was on a sewing frenzy a week before Christmas, making cute pillows for various people as gifts. But since then, I have not sewn anything.

Here are some works in process. I hope to have a couple pillows done by tonight and the rest tomorrow-maybe. They will look better once completed. I am adding a wacky Sasquatch pillow into the mix. I made one for a friend and his son for Christmas, and was told by my mom to make one for Etsy too. I think someone out there may appreciate a Sasquatch pillow!! haha.

I added a new necklace today...

I was able to add other necklaces over the Holidays as well since I make much less of a mess when putting together a necklace!

At my mom's shop, she has added new headbands and some adorable earrings, check them out! You can see items from her shop to the right in the Consider the Lillies gallery link.


kim* said...

its nice to get handmade huh?

creativesundries said...

So fun! (Found you on etsy forum). I love Sasquatch, and love the idea of a pillow! Can you convo me (creativesundries) or comment back when you have it up in your shop? can't promise i'll buy it but would love to see it!

Happy new year!
Sarah :)

Christina said...

Thanks for the comments! :)
Sarah, I will let you know when it's listed! lol