Friday, June 1, 2012

The purse

The mustardy purse that prompted my mustard post yesterday!
 I still have to transfer my stuff into it. I was using a tiny purse that I could wear easily across my body for convenience, but I was ready to have a funky purse on my shoulder again! And I like big purses. Not that I have so much to carry anymore compared to when Kavi was a baby, but still, I like them. It was $8 at Goodwill. If it was used, I'd be like HUH no way. But since it was in the new section with lots of Target leftovers, I was good with the price! (This purse was from Target too) I have gotten brand new curtains at the same place months ago. It's nice to stop there every so often to see what I can find!


beka said...

and that's awesome--a "new" department in the goodwill? sweet!

Angela said...

Love it! I have a mustard purse as well! I got the hankering for one last fall and you know - mustard is kind of a hard color to find in a purse.