Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I got a Kindle Fire last week! My dad bought it for me because he just wanted to do it. He had bought my sister a new phone(which is awesome) and asked if I'd want a new phone or a Kindle Fire. I picked the Kindle for various reasons! I do have a smartphone already and it works fine. It sometimes freezes though. But I just knew I wanted the Kindle! I thought about getting one for Christmas but that's still so far away. My dad (and mom) are the bestest! It's a treat for us and for them, because they didn't always have a lot of extra money in life. I guess that's one reason he wanted to do it.

So far I have only downloaded FREE things! I might make my first purchase soon, but I am being frugal about it. I  also plan to use the local library for some e-book check outs.

Oh-our basement is done and we are working on filling the space! It's be exciting. I will have to take nicer pictures...I rarely get out the real camera anymore!

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