Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yellow decor

Our bedroom still has no art or pictures up on the walls. Nothing on the walls at all! I want it to be painted a lighter color too. Right now it's a tan-ish color that I don't like. I want yellow decor in the bedroom, and already have some! My vanity table and a painted side table are yellow. And I have my white vintage dresser too. With those in mind, here are inspirations for me.  But I still need more wall decor inspiration.


Angela said...

Love it! So pretty :) But I feel I must warn you about something. When I was in college I studied color theory and yellow is the most stressful color to live with and the WORST color to choose for a bedroom. Also, people who have a yellow room in their house most often argue more in the yellow room. That being said, when Aub and I first married we had a yellow living room and I loved it but we did have some "knock down drag out" fights in there :) Just a little something to think on.

Angela said...

most often argue more? --my fingers were ahead of my brain.